One comment on “What to Expect from Jeep Renegade?

  1. I used to build Jeeps over the years, and until about a year ago, I always had one. The major problem with Jeeps over the years is that they became cars dressed up like Jeeps and only have a name badge in common. Jeeps were tough but still requires massive overhauling to make them truly superb, and toys like all of the options, only detract from a beautiful creation. My current Hummer H3, is really good but, the toys ruin it. Jeep should go after a very Spartan market, as Hummer name was purchased back from China and sold to Britain where they made Hummer a joke car. The tiny Jeep, from what I see, should be called an “Imp”. Jeep history already had a Bantam. Nothing renegade on the new Jeep. Sad what has become of Jeep. Aren’t even made in America anymore, are they.

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