2 comments on “Top 5 Must Have Jeep Accessories

  1. The article title used the term Jeep Accessories though 3 of the items were specific to the CJ/YJ/TJ/JK. Rather than simple variations of the stock soft top, I’d suggest the following must have accessories:

    · Front and rear recovery points – If you wheel, you will get stuck at some point. Having easy options for extraction simplifies the process and keeps both you and whomever is pulling you out safe.

    · A traction enhancing device – A rear locker is the single best modification you can add to any 4×4 that actually sees the dirt. Effectively doubling your traction on any one axle makes a tremendous difference. Many times, a stock rig with a locker can match or exceed the ability of much taller and more powerfully-build vehicles. Your intended use, driving style, axle configuration transmission type, and other factors will determine what type of locker you use, whether it’s a budget brand that replaces your spider gears like an Aussie or LockRight, a full case replacement like a Detroit, or even switchable lockers like ARB and Ox.

    · A snorkel – It will provide your engine with the cleanest, coldest, driest air it can get. All of these factors are good things.

    · Skid plates – When you leave the fire roads and get into real trails, protecting the expensive and vital bits underneath your vehicle becomes far more important. If you’re just a beach wheeler, it’s not necessary. Instead, spend your money on a quality air compressor or on-board air system.

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